To Me Being Fit Means...

 Hi Loverz,

What I want to share with you today really means a lot to me.
People often comment on how I stay positive, brave and persistent...
How I became as confident as I am in myself (we all get insecure sometimes, even me and that's normal)

 I could name one by one all the things that broke me, hurt me and knocked me down over the years, But in the end,  it wasn't what broke me that made me, it was how I put myself back together. You see, finding out how I best continue to recover and improve was vital. I found that for me, the key is FITNESS. To me being fit means... you want it and you're willing to do what it takes for it. Its self motivation, mind over matter and digging deep when it hurts the most… i need those skills on the dance floor, in the gym, and in life.


 Before you assume that it all boils down to endless cardio, 500 squats, or 1000 burpees (please God no) let me tell you this, Fitness is strength, a state of being, an ability to carry out daily tasks and it isn't always natural or easy. The good news is it's a learned behavior and with practice we become more fit and more able. This applies to every part of life, Mental, spiritual and physical. We need to use the muscles of our mind if we want to be positive and motivated. This means positive self-talk, this means self-care and self-love. If we are not willing to be kind to ourselves then who on earth are you expecting to treat you with kindness. Remember, we show people how to treat us with our own behavior. That realization right there was a huge lesson for me to understand that self-love was in itself, a fitness, one that I needed to grow stronger in and that's an exercise that doesn't stop even now, more sets, more reps and finally more gains.


There is a discipline that comes along with physical fitness and exercise. The idea that the more you do something the better and stronger you will get. This is the behavior that shaped the best parts of me, the parts I love and am most proud of. I want to share this key with you in hopes that it finds you and can heal you in any place that you need it to.

 I want to show you that having a fit body doesn't always mean you have a fit mind or vice versa. They go hand in hand but without attention to each you won't get results.

Now, this is not to say that actual physical exercise is not so incredibly important for your mental health because it very much is. Physical activity relieves anxiety, calms the mind, the nerves and brings you confidence from the inside out where you can battle some of those insecurities, straight on. Exercise is the space and time to push yourself and to feel proud of what you accomplish. Go a little harder, push a little longer, and feel like you've climbed your own personal Everest. I use my workout time as my ME time, just me, my music and my body, no one and nothing else. I envision my dreams, work through some of the thoughts in my head, recite my affirmations and intentions for the day and the week, or sometimes i just clear my mind and push my body as hard as i can so it leaves me feeling like Wonder Woman in the end. It is the ONLY part of my day that is for ME, and boy do i cherish it.


 There are so many ways to get exercise in your day, whether it's walking, playing a sport, going to a gym or... wait for it... a home work out with ME!  What's most important is that you enjoy it and that it fulfills you more than just burning calories. It matters how you clear your mind while you're doing it, know what you want out of it, and go into it with that intention, even if that intention is to just see what your capable of. This is why I created a workout for you all. I created all the moves to warm your body up in just 10 min and a dance cardio workout that continues to burn calories and worries long after you've finished. This is my offering to you, my fans, my friends, my family. I invite you to this new, exciting wellness journey where together we redefine what being FIT means and most importantly how it feels.

Take a look at what being fit means to me and these lovely ladies that were a part of Dance Cardio with me! And don't forget to share with me, what being fit means to you!

My warm up class is FREE and available in the Sharna Shop with my Dance Cardio class ! Created straight from my heart and headed straight to yours! My intention is that this class is more than an exercise routine. I hope you feel each move and allow yourself to fall in love with your body and it's movement. If you find yourself challenged during any point, that's okay. Be kind to yourself and your body and don't push too hard. You are meant to practice and make progress each time you return to the classroom. All you need is you, a small space & a mat if you choose. 

And lastly, please take photos, videos, boomerangs and tag me in them so I can see! Meet you on the mat, Loverz! 

All my love,