Stretching the body to release stuck or trapped emotions


Hi Loverz! 

A question came up during my last post where I shared a little bit about my journey through relationships and finding who I am. 

How did I deal with the pain of toxic relationships and the toll they took on my mind, my heart and my body? 

I danced.  I moved.  I stretched. I had no idea at the time just how much it was helping me. I've always said that dance has been my therapy and my release, but I didn't fully realize the true benefits of moving and stretching until recently. 

You shouldn't just let the pain sit there and harden. You may not know that it can do that, but it does. Our emotions and energy don't just stick to our hearts and minds, they also stick to muscles. The soul, mind and body are all connected and what affects one will more than likely affect the other. 

We can target and treat what hurts if we pay attention. Stretches and breathing are quick and effective ways to move the body and release tension both in the muscles and in the mind. I want to encourage each of you to stretch everyday, just for 5 min. You can do it while you watch TV, listen to music or before you go to bed, or if you're in the habit of using affirmations and mantras stretch as you breathe and practice them. Just try it my loves and see how you feel. Remember, the goal isn't to join cirque du soleil, (or it might be)  ;) the goal is allowing the heart and mind to release and let go by moving your body and reaching for more.  This physical form of release can be an emotional one, If emotions come up, if you cry, that’s good and very normal. As your heart and mind are releasing these emotions the body releases it through tears. Please be kind and gentle with your body and don't push yourself too far! Journal your thoughts and feelings and let go of what no longer serves you. 

Hips in particular are like an emotional junk drawer!!  (Hip Openers) We can target this area with stretches that open the tension that the hips hold.

Here are a few stretches that I love: