Rose Quartz "The Love Stone"

So naturally, It's like my favorite stone...

Hi Loverz!!! 

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Healing crystals are semi-precious/precious stones that are said to have individual healing properties depending on the type of stone, it's color and where it comes from. 

I like to keep one in my purse, car and even a small one inside my bra! Seriously, it's a thing and it helps. 

Whether you have anxiety, are healing from a broken heart or stressed at work it helps just having something to take your mind off of it. 

You can get raw rough stones or tumbled, smooth and shiny ones. An easy meditation when you're not feeling your best is to hold the stone in the palm of your hand, close your eyes and breathe deeply in and out a few times. Pay close attention to what the stone feels like in your hand. Is it cold? Smooth or does it have rough edges? This mindful exercise keeps you in the present moment and occupied from negative thoughts in the past or the future. 

Program positive affirmations in your stones to help remind you that you can accomplish anything the mind can imagine. 

"Love washes over me with every deep breath I take" 

"I believe in myself and my abilities" 

" I am the architect of my life; I build its foundation and choose its contents"

"Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good"

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Tweet me some of your positive affirmations and your crystals. Let's all encourage one another! 

All my love,